Press Quotes

"The Brokedown Hustlers music evokes feelings which resonate deep in the souls of those who love the open road. Box wine and box cars, camp fires and card games, misfits and moonshiners, wild woman and wanderers; these are the elements and archetypes presented in the tails on There Goes the Neighborhood."
- Mariam Yavener, Appalachian Jamwich Issue #57 (2017)

"A band of outlaws bound by the art of song, Brokedown Hustlers spin webs of stories matching in tone and intensity with the yearning twang and groove of their strings."
- Dylan Schaeffer, Appalachian Jamwich (2016)

"The Brokedown Hustlers create a lyrically laden ride through their modernized rendition of old-time and country Americana, with unabashed and often reckless tales of love, traveling and drinking."
Lauren Larocca, Frederick News Post (Jul 18, 2013)

"Expect energy, improvisation as Brokedown Hustlers hit the stage"
Jeremy Jones, GoUpstate (Sep 17, 2013)