Our Story

Conceived in a tree, born in a campfire, the Brokedown Hustlers are an acoustic band of the truest grit and originality. Singing tales of mischief, heartache, and lawless debauchery, the band blends cleverly crafted lyrics with original acoustic composition, creating a style all their own. Front man August West leads the band along a lyrically laden journey, accompanied by the raw and untamed styling of his band mates Tennessee Jed (Guitar, Harmonica), Barely Garcia (Guitar, Banjo), Dr. Fiddle (Fiddle, Mandolin), and Philthy Lush (Upright Bass). The music will move your feet. The words will grab your soul. Before you know it you're singing along. By no means are they just another stringband. Expect a complete listening experience, paired with a lively performance, full of energy, improvisation, and crowd interaction.

August West and Tennessee Jed created Brokedown Hustlers in 2012 while breaking down in a van outside of Black Mountain NC. Although the two had grown up near each other, they had spent most of their adult years living in different parts of the country, only to cross paths occasionally. It was not until around then that August began contacting Jed to see if he would ever be interested in putting music to the hundreds of lyrics August had written. Next thing you know August appears in Asheville NC, where Jed had been living. They then break down in said van, name the band they had yet to start, hitch a ride to Black Mountain, and proceed to drink, sing an early version of Yellow Roses, and begin writing new songs that very same night. After that there was no looking back.

The two remained in Asheville for a couple years. There they began working on their demo album Baptized in Sin. Shortly after that they started looking for a band. They soon found Mr. Charlee Boxwood and settled down as a three piece. The trio played numerous shows together and continued to write new material. 

Then towards the end of 2013, August and Jed moved the band to the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. It was there they met up with the next crop of soon to be Hustlers, all friends that would stand in at times when touring. The band settled down once again and started perfecting their sound and stage show. Before you knew  it they were appearing at many festivals and venues throughout the region. The band continues with its current lineup today and they don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

The Brokedown Hustlers are always looking for good opportunities and are open to nearly any kind of performance. If you are interested in having us play, or just wanna drop us a line, we would love to hear from ya. Enjoy the website and stay tuned as we plan on working on new material and new places to play! Please sign up to our mailing list and stay up to date on all things Brokedown!